Training Log: Part 23


Chest Machine


Full Stack x 12 x 5 sets

DB Seated Shoulder Press

80 x 12

80 x 12

90 x 12

Tricep Pushdowns/Face Pulls

4 x 10/15

Rope Lat Pulls

4 x 20

Narrow Hand Space PushUps

5 x 15


3 x 12


:20 Sprint/:40 Pace x 6 Rounds

2000m- 100m Sprint/200m Pace


Published by

Anderson Powerlifting

Anderson Powerlifting is a Powerlifting Gear Supplier. Ken Anderson started by selling to high schools out of a suitcase, then out of his garage and home office to where we are now; Anderson Powerlifting Headquarters in North Dallas. Ken is a 16-world record holder in the bench press in three different weight classes: 198, 220 and 242 lbs. He is also a world judge for the World Association of Bench and Deadlifters.

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