After a hectic day of travel, a late night working in my hotel room, I made my way over to meet Matt Vincent, and the team from Muscle Monster. The goal of the day was to get some great footage of us training, and getting photos showcasing the Muscle Monster Line. On a typical day […]

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Training Log: Part 9

10/22/17 Biceps DB Curls 40 x 12 x 2 45 x 10 x 2 Standing Preacher Bar Curls 125 x 15 x 4 Seated Concentration Curls 45 x 12 x 4 Seated Incline Skullcrushers 125 x 15 x 5 Cable Pushdowns 100 reps Single Arm DB Press 45 x Failure x 4 sets Thats it […]

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